About Us

Finesse is a multidisciplinary residential and commercial firm assisting clients with making informed decisions on whether to design-build new kitchen cabinets, modify or refinish the existing, selecting and matching cabinet colors, finishes, hardware and accessories to collaborating with interior designers, builders and architects and fabricating custom pieces tailor-made for your living or work space.


Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen modification or remodeling and refinishing ranks high on the list of home improvement projects homeowners undertake. Most kitchen cabinets are structurally sound and just need a nip-tuck or full-face lift. You can achieve the look of brand-new cabinetry at a fraction of the cost of a new design-build, and in less time.

Kitchen Modification

From full remodels to simply improving a few trouble areas, every kitchen can benefit from a modification. Our team works with you to develop a design-build that meets your budget and needs. Creating a stylish space has never been simpler.

Color Matching

Our color expert can match and fabricate any color you need for your project. We use the Classic RAL System, the most popular color standard in Central Europe, along with the U.S. color system, Pantone.

Tailor-Made Furnishings

Every room is different. That's why we create tailor-made furnishings that are perfectly suited for your sensibility. Form and function go hand in hand when our team creates custom furnishings that perfectly compliment your new look.

Customized Finishes

When a project calls for a custom finish, our team gets to work creating an entirely unique product just for you. Our custom finishes can match your existing furniture or add a unique accent that sets you apart from the rest. It's up to you.

Onsite Touch-ups & Repairs

Nothing gold can stay. Our touch-up and repair service is dedicated to getting you the most out of your furnishings for longer. Our team works to get your furnishings looking perfect at the right price.